Health Checks

We offer a comprehensive and easy way to keep track of your health with our live poiht health check. We offer a blood pressure check, BMI check, cholesterol check & a diabetes check together with a health & lifestyle discussion with the pharmacist. l

Support for people with disabilities

We provide monitored dosage systems for people who require assistance with managing & taking their medicines, these are cassettes filled with one weeks medication, split into different times of the day.

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

This involves a discussion about any problems that yo may have regarding your medication - our aim is to optimize the benefits you get from your medication.

Emergency hormonal contraception (EHC).

EHC is effective for upto 72 hours after unprotected intercourse. We provide advice and can supply. EHC after a short consultation with the pharmacist. The  provision of EHC can take place at any time. For further advice on family planning please contact the pharmacy.

Stop Smoking Support

The Pharmacist can give you help and support on stopping smoking. in partnership with Help2Quit we provide advice on a wide range of nicotine replacement  products which includes nicotine patches, lozenges and inhalators.

Holiday Medicines and Advice

We provide a full range of medicines for your holiday. We can advise and obtain treatments for Malaria prophylaxis and vaccinations for your trip.

Enhanced Services

Our pharmacy already meets and exceeds the essential service requirements of the new pharmacy contract, also providing a healthy selection of enhanced services.  Our pharmacies will continue to focus on expansion of these services and development of new enhanced services.